In times of rapid changes in the business and the industry, it is important to collect opinions and advise from people experienced in the business. HZ Consulting offers to support you in many areas with expertise, developed over 35 years of industrial experience in project development, business development and economic analysis of projects and processes.


Particpation with papers, speeches, panel discussions in many events worldwide indicate the level of recognition in the industry. I was one of the founders of the European Ethylene Producers Committee and  since more than 10 years act as the chairman of this organisation. Other organisations of reference of important industry events are AIChE, EPC, ME-Tech, OPEC etc. where contributions with papers and in panel discussions have been made.


For over 10 years I have organized technology courses such as "The Linde Olefin Academy".


I would be glad to offer my services to your organisation or help you to improve your business or business idea.